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Welcome to transeuphratene
Josette Elayi is a historian specialised in Phoenician studies, researcher in the French CNRS. She developed a new historical, pluridisciplinary method, that she applied to Phoenician history (The Job of Historian of Ancient Near East : To be a historian of Phoenicia, here and now, Paris 2004). In 1989, she signed a contract with the Gabalda Editions for creating the series Transeuphratene and a collection of monographs  (56 volumes edited). She has authored more than 25 researched books and 200 articles. She has also authored essays, novels and press articles.
Transeuphratene was a province of Achaemenid Persian Empire, including Phoenicia, Syria, Palestine and Cyprus. This period (539-333 BCE) was characterised by remarkable evolutions and changes: the introduction of coinage and the coin economy, several crises of power and identity, the emergence of city-states similar to the Greek city type, the development of mercenaries armies,  the opening of the Western fringe of the Persian Empire to the Greek world, etc.

A meeting point between Orient and Occident. Since 25 years, the study of this field of research has changed the point of view of specialists of Greek and Oriental studies concerning the Persian Empire history. Moreover this results in a better understanding of how ancient peoples considered contacts between Orient and Occident and succeeded in going beyond their conflicts and differences for a reciprocal enrichment.